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Whine whine whine – i wish i had a landlord

Posted by Gexx on November 23, 2008

It all starts with yesterday I’m feeling very blah.  Sick blah.  Probably came down with the second grade or the kindergarten funk.  No worries, I’ll go home and get all snuggly and get better.  So I go home, pick up some and set up a space heater in my bedroom as now only one of my wall heaters works, and it’s in the entirely opposite corner.

I warm up the room and go to take a shower, after 10 minutes there is no hot water.  There’s not even something other than freezing cold ice water.  So no shower, it must be because I didn’t insulate my pipes, well, that will be a plan for Saturday.

Saturday I wake up with a sinus headache, sniffles, runny nose, sneezing, and no voice.  I make my way to Morgan’s for a shower, as i smelled funny, and we went to Lowes and Home Depot looking for baseboard heaters.  Apparently they can install anything except for these baseboard heaters, which are relatively simple and I would do myself if I trusted myself to not kill me.

So back to my house to get the ingrediants for some bortscht and to check on the kittens and the low-running space heater.  We forget the ingrediants.

After a while I investigate electricians more and see that Home Depot DOES have electricians to install all their stuff.  I call them expecting to be told “just not where you live.” But the woman who answers the phone is very helpful and tells me that someone will get back to me in the next few days.

now to figure out the hot water heater.


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