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Marriage Equality Rally!

Posted by Gexx on November 16, 2008

[newsbreak] Good news! Larry Summer is no longer up for Treasury Sec.  If you didn’t know, he’s the ex-ivyleague-pres who said women were inheantly inferior at math and science.  He even set up a home ec class for women so they didn’t need to worry their little heads with all sorts of numbers. [end newsbreak]

So, Saturday was the Anti-passing of all the no gay marriage acts/props/ammendments.  Morgan and I made up posters (seen below), and he met me at the museum at 2.30PM with the plan to head right over to World’s Fair Park.

Well… I head over to the museum, where I had 1PM a program to give, at 12.15.  I pull into the lot and am told that I need to pay, there’s a basketball game.  I explain to the attendant that I am going to work at the museum and, not only that, I have 20 young girl scouts with parents coming at 1.  They tell me that they will need to find parking.  I respond that this is not acceptable, they were told where they could park before this, and the museum lot is to remain open for museum visitors.  Well, apparently there are only 5 spots left, and goodness knows how we’ll do this.  So they call the head guy, who is very not pleased to see me.  The museum and the parking people have been at odds for as long as I’ve worked there.  The museum needs weekend visitors. When the museum advertises free admission and free parking, people expect that.  If they need to suddenly pay $5 to go do something free, they’ll just as soon go home.  The museum loses visitors, and no one buys anything cool in the museum shop.

So he and I argue that parking a few cars in the free lot with everyone else having to pay is not acceptable.  I threaten to call people, like the museum’s director, in order to give my girls a good experience.  At this point one of the original attendents comes running up and tells us that most of the cars in the lot are high school students here for visitation, and their program is supposed to be over at 12.30.  How about we just close the lot down for everyone except Girl Scouts (and other visitors, I pipe in).  That, I tell them, will work, assuming enough people leave.  What if we don’t have enough spots still?  The attendants point out a bunch of open space, normally used by the daily attendant’s kiosk, and say they’ll park them in there.  We should be guarenteed 15 spaces between what’s already open, what will open, and the informal spots.  So they change the sign to “Lot Full” and I head in hoping that the girl scouts are carpooling, like good environmentally concious individuals should.

I have 15 minutes to run upstairs, downstairs, middlestairs in order to get my 45 minute program, my 15 minute tool demonstrations, my 20 minute clay-based craft, and my 5 minute story set up.  I’m not ready on time, but that’s ok, because the “Lot Full” sign confused some parents looking for the museum so they’re on their way.  We get started about 15-20 minutes late.  Gargh!

We do the program, take a little longer on the initial program because they ask so many gosh durned questions, do the tools, take a quick break for me to move around the set up for the craft, make our darned clay pots, Morgan shows up, wash our hands, tell the story, and I clean up in record time.  I tell the guard the few things he needs to do (re-set some alarms, re-lock a few doors) since I don’t have codes or keys.

3.20PM Morgan and I rush out of campus and over to Worlds Fair Park.  Everyone is gone!


So now I have two virgin signs for the next protest rally.

I’m annoyed.  Stupid parking.

Come to find out, about 120 people were at the rally, and the only counter protest was

LINK TO ARTICLE ABOUT RALLY IN KTOWN!  I really like this article.  Especially that it is written with a lean toward supporting same sex marriage and even includes religious leaders’ comments supporting the equality of the right.

In other marriage-equality news:  December 5 is “No Gay for A Day” day, where the LGBT community and their supporters stay home from work.  Where I work, at the museum, we all feel that marriage should count.  The people I serve, children, would be the ones effected.  While children may repeat what parents say, they are still impressionable.  I’m conflicted whether my staying home would help.


One Response to “Marriage Equality Rally!”

  1. Kate Karyus Quinn said

    Oh bummer about not being able to use your awesome signs, but excellent work on kicking some parking officials ass!

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