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Posted by Gexx on November 13, 2008

Fight the H8 in Your State

Saturday is a National Day of Rallying for Equality in Marriage Rights. (click on the graphic for more info).

Either way, the current plan is that in Knoxville people will be meeting at 1PM at World’s Fair Park.

Bring your posters, rage, and support.

Official letter from Knoxville coordinator

Friends and allies,
WHY WE NEED YOU: As you know, our November 4th election was a day of mixed emotion. Along with Barack Obama’s victory came a stunning defeat for LGBT rights: the passage of Proposition 8, which overturned the California Supreme Court’s June 17, 2008 decision to allow same-sex marriage. Legal ramifications for the millions of loving same-sex couples who have been married in CA since the summer are still up in the air, but Prop 8’s discriminatory message is clear: gay and lesbian couples are somehow less deserving of the chance for a happy, loving marriage.
While Prop 8 dealt a devastating blow, we can be encouraged by how quickly Americans have rallied in protest of this decision. California cities have already been bombarded with LBGT individuals and their allies, backed by an unprecedented outpouring of support from around the country.
This Saturday, November 15, there will be a nationwide protest in cities across all 50 states and DC. At 1:30 EST (10:30 PST), thousands of Americans will come together in solidarity of our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are saying together, loud and clear, that we will not stand down until EVERYONE has equal marriage rights, feels safe to be who they are, and is embraced as a first-class citizen.
KNOXVILLE: Knoxville’s rally will be held on the lawn of World’s Fair Park. We will gather around 1:15 so that we can count down to the 1:30 nationwide protest together. There will be several speakers, including Reverend Bob Galloway of the Metropolitan Community Church. Next, there will be an open session for anyone in the crowd to speak and share their thoughts. (This has been cleared with Lieutenant Hubs and the Park staff. We have permission to be there. Additional security will come through periodically to make sure we are not bothered.) There are a number of parking lots and garages around the Park.
Afterwards, anyone who is interested can go over to Kingston Pike outside the mall to engage in more of a picket-style protest.
HOW YOU CAN HELP: Most of all, come to the rally. As of Tuesday night, there was nothing scheduled in Knoxville, and I put this together pretty quickly. Show up and show your support. To stand up for what you believe in with thousands of your fellow citizens across the country is an incredible opportunity.
If you have cameras and/or video recording devices, it would be great to bring them and take plenty of pictures and recordings. The organizers of Join the Impact will be anxious to hear how things went in the different cities.
If you can, make signs for yourself and others. If you need inspiration, check out the link above for ideas.
Additionally, we are still in great need of a megaphone (or microphone with speakers) that does not need to be plugged in; if you have one or know anyone who does and would not mind donating it for a few hours, please let me know!
PLEASE BE AWARE: I’ve discussed all this with Lieutenant Hubs and we don’t anticipate any problems, but in case we attract negative attention, please remain calm and civil. No matter how angry someone makes you or how despicable they may act, you always win by staying classy. Be courteous to other people in the Park, pick up any trash from your signs, etc. There is a Veteran Memorial dedication in the Park in the morning. It is over at noon, but please be respectful of any patrons still mingling from that event.
How we conduct ourselves will speak volumes.
MOST OF ALL: Yes, across the nation we are protesting a discriminatory decision, but this is not just about politics. Most importantly, this is about love, a human need and a human right. Although we are disappointed by California’s decision, Saturday’s events should be a positive experience as we celebrate the unity and solidarity of our allies around the country.
I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
For love,
Jen Crawford
(484) 354-3867

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  1. Darling Clementine said

    don’t rest until you topple the sunsphere!

    …or everyone could just agree to ignore the judicial system and find your nearest subgenius minister to facilitate any union imaginable… *cough*flashes pope card*cough*

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