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Angry feminism!

Posted by Gexx on November 11, 2008

I’m reading this post at Feministing Community about a PMS buddy site.  I’m in Morgan’s living room, so he’s there too.
“Can you believe this! There’s a site where guys can enter the dates that they notice their girlfriend’s periods and then get email warnings when their girlfriends should be PMSing so that they can act extra nice on those days.”
“Do you want me to sign up for that site?” Morgan asks all eagerly.
“Morgan, you’re asking if I want you to sign up for a site that flat out assumes that you’re with a woman so ignorant of her own body that she can’t tell you if she’s feeling poorly from a monthly even.  That assumes that all women turn into crazy woman-zillas for a week because of uncontroled PMS rage.  That assumes all women are on a 28 day cycle! ” 

I’m glaring with anger of the idea of the site.  Unfortunatly I’m glaring at Morgan.

His winter coat is on the arm of the chair.  He grabs it and hides under it
“Tell me Morgan!”
“I can’t hear your feminist rhetoric! Not under my fort!  I’m hiding! You’re scary!”

He comes out.  “Are you signing up for the site?”
In a whimper “No!”


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