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Am I too nice? – communication with an ex

Posted by Gexx on November 8, 2008

I got an email from A this morning – yes, the ex.

So, as I find it hard to forget because I was there, and as I think multiple people have heard, my last relationship (with A) didn’t end too well.  It was full of tears and screams and spite.  He checked my blogs and myspace continually.  He wouldn’t let me be at my house.  When I saw his roommate/coworker at Brewers Jam who kept hanging out with my group, I was told that he’s not over me, that he keeps talking about me.  I was asked, in front of Morgan, if there was any chance we would get *back* together so that A would calm down.  Imagine what he would be like if I had been the one who broke up with HIM!

In this process, after a series of not plesent emails that I left unanswered he sends a more ominous one that makes me think he’ll start (again) with the random showing up at my door.  This is when I finally respond to him simply telling him that I don’t want to ever see/hear him again and to leave me alone.

He got the hint.  He still hit my blog for a while.  It was after this that I saw his roomate who talked to me.  But eventually I stopped getting hits from Cookeville and Crossville on my Myspace and my blogger.  So either he stopped reading or he found a really good IP hider.

And I was happy that the negativity of the situation had left.  I was still friends with his sister-in-law, so that was cool.  I’m a little upset that this has made it so that if she has something awesome (like her first friday show) I need to check that there will be no potential for drama, but that hasn’t been a problem yet.

But then this morning I get an email from A. subject line “hello friend! how are you these days”

I wonder if I should open it, but something doesn’t seem right about it.

  1. I was up about 9AM. I went to bed about 1AM.  He’s not normally up before 10AM and is in another time zone, so that would be my 11AM.  And he wouldn’t bother sending me anything after his midnight.  Not after so long.
  2. It wasn’t capitalized right.  A was big about proper grammer. it used to annoy him when I would write/chat all in lower case
  3. The exclamation point after friend.  A hated exclamation points.
  4. He called me friend.  After all that I explained

I open it and find it’s a spam advertising for some electronics site.  I sit there and wonder what I should do about this.  Am I the only one who knows? How will he figure out?

So I respond to his other email address.

“I think someone other than you has access to your email address. this looks like spam. I’m responding your other email as resending to the one that may be compromised seems pointless.”

I hope I didn’t open up some unwanted connection.  But at the same time, having an email account compromised is serious.


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