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Voting Roundup

Posted by Gexx on November 4, 2008

Well, actually, thanks to the early voting process in Tennessee, I voted a few weeks ago.  I’ve sent out reminder emails to people who hadn’t made an intent to vote clear, and now I’m at work discussing our hopes and dreams in a particularly left wing office setting.

But now that we voted, what to do? (In addition to dragging other people to the polls)…

Free Stuff  – A couple places are giving out free snacks as a reward for voting. You can bring proof (stubs/reciepts/regestration cards), but most take your word on it.

  • Krispy Kreme – You get a free donut
  • Starbucks – You get a free tall coffee
  • Ben and Jerry’s (after 6PM) – You get a free single scoop of icecream

Watch the Results

  • Bruce Schneier at Making Light – as the polls close.  Making Light beat CNN on the first poll results of the nation.  Dixville Notch- Obama:15, McCain:6.  We have a good start!
  • Democracy Now – 7PM-Midnight EST
  • GRITtv – Noon-2PM

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