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“It’s been a stressful few days” or: why my boyfriend is the most patient, kind, understanding individual ever

Posted by Gexx on October 30, 2008

was a text message morgan sent me today in reply to my message of “I’m tired and I’m hungry.  Please have an idea for food when I’m done work.”

That was about 1.30PM today.  He wanted to take me out, but I just really wanted a Papa Murphy’s stuffed pizza.

You see, this is what was supposed to have happened:

9-1: work
1-?: pack, clean house, clean car, cuddle with cats, maybe dinner with morgan
9-1: work
1-midnight: drive to PA

Instead, I’m still in Knoxville because:
9-1: work, realize I need to make up a lecture so
1-3.40: stay at work catching up on paperwork and stuff
3:40-5: Lecture
5-7:30: Farmers Market, dinner with Morgan
7:30-9: doze/nap poorly (oops)
9-10: talk, procrastinate, tell Morgan bad jokes
10PM: Notice that my phone is buzzing and that I have tons of missed calls.  Check my email, notice multiple messages. 
10PM-5AM: field phone calls, coordinate emails, find hospital, attempt to communicate with friend’s family

Basically, one of my friends fell ill (well, she had been ill when I saw her earlier) and was brought to the hospital.  She had hung up on another friend in the middle of a phone call at “There’s someone at the door. Oh, it’s ::mumble mumble::” and that was it.  She called her boyfriend to tell him where she was, but that also got cut off.  Her sister was involved in it somehow, but I still can’t figure that out.  So take concerned friends, a confused sick woman alone in the ER (family only) until some aunts from the area get there, and a boyfriend who is extremely concerned (as he should be) and you have my night.  The last phone call came in/went out about 3.30, then I sent emails to appropriate professors to give them a heads up about her absence, and then *tried* to sleep. Which was hard.  I kept wondering when the next phone call would come in, when her mother would get into town, how this had progressed to such a stage.  And I was at Morgan’s, so he didn’t get any sleep at all.

So I got some fitful sleep from 5 until 9AM when I realized I had extremely overslept, got ready for work cursing up a sailor’s storm because I knew parking would be a bitch.  Morgan got up with me and drove me to campus.  When I finished, he came and picked me up and we got pizza and cat food.

I lazed some through the afternoon, worried about her.  Morgan and I discuss a couple of issues rolling through my head, placed there by the liberal media l33t (aka: bloggers).  I heard from her mother, got an update and a few more things to do, did them, and started to feel sleepy.  As I start to finally doze, I get another phone call from the extremely agitated/worried boyfriend.  Fill him in on the nothing new except she’s still in the hospital, and realize I’m wide awake again.

So now I’m grouchy.

Try to fall back asleep, it doesn’t work, join Morgan in the living room and dink on the computer as while I’m awake, at the same time my arse is dragging a mile behind me.  Notice I still haven’t cleaned out my car or packed for the trip I was supposed to be half way through.

We watch the Obama TV special.  He runs to Walgreens (he’s out of toothpaste and we totally forgot to grab some earlier), I so don’t want to do anything, so i resign myself to an early bedtime and a really early wake up without doing the laundry I wanted to do.  

Morgan comes back with a pint of Hagen Daaz Chocolate ice cream for me. 

I’m slowly savoring it.


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