Gexx in Knoxville

This blog is about Gexx, in Knoxville

Posted by Gexx on October 28, 2008

I’m killing time before a lecture that I need to make up.  I’m hungry (I’ve had 2 cups of coffee and a “gourmet wafer cookie”) and I’m just generally annoyed that I forgot my cell phone yesterday which indirectly led to me not realizing that I was missing lecture.  This means I need to attend with the undergraduates. The indignity!

The annoying part is that I need to go back to my house and clean, pack, and do laundry for tomorrow as then I need to get up, go to work, and then drive the 10+ hours back to my parent’s house in bumblefuck, pennsylvania.

Yay, heteronormativity.

People have heard of and met my parents, and they know that our personalities don’t often … mesh.  So I’m a little worried about the days I need to spend there.  The only reason I’ll be there is because my friend from high school is getting married and there’s no uncomplicated/uninsulting way to find another place to stay. 

I’m tired of being told that everything I’m doing is wrong.  And just once I would like them to call me by my name.

On the bright side, my brother is state side, and he’s looking for colleges so he doesn’t need to go back and shoot people for a living (yet).  Hopefully by the time is college career is done things will have calmed down.  Hopefully the starting of a college career will open him to new political views which will temper some strongly impressed rural PA, super right wing values.

While I’m gone, Morgan will be watching my house and cats.  The cats will stand guard for anyone imposing on my non-present hospitality.  They will rip out lungs through the nose and draw testes through a foremen magnum.

They’re dangerous.  I wish I could bring them with me.


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