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Day 174 – Meh

Posted by Gexx on October 27, 2008

I somehow think that Safe Haven will be getting a good amount of $ from me this year. That’s ok. It’s tax deductible.

So let’s go through this. I’ve been marvelously unmotivated. I will work on this and make the next 174 days better.

17 – I haven’t had 1 meal days in a long long time. The first meal might be rather late, but still.

27 – We did a wine tasting. It was really really cool. Hit 4 different wineries in the SE Tennessee.

29 – Dinner Party #2 was most awesome. It was a Pirate Zombie Rum theme party. Dave came down from New York and everything. Yay!

37 – I brought my bag to the farmers market a bunch of times. Also I’ve been bringing it to the grocery store.

38 – At the last farmer’s market I got some info on CSA. I am looking for someone to split a half share. Then we’re on, baby!

39 – Locavore foods yay! Lots of food has been made in my kitchen with local foods. More recipes are at

48 – I’ve read a fun book! Sorta –
Ishmael – I didn’t like it.

50 – Brewer’s Jam. Lots of fun.

55 – FAIL. The brother is back.

56 – We sent lots of emails back and forth.

69 – The freezer is CLEANED!


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