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Posted by Gexx on October 26, 2008

My good dear friend Kazen, who is leaving for Japan in a few months (awesome) turned me on to Delicious. I know it’s been around for a while, I just never tried it. It’s pretty fun to work with. So we’ve been trading links back and forth for the last few weeks, and I have a tag of “blogable” articles and stuff that I think would be interesting to write about. I’ve had a similar bookmark folder in Firefox.

But some of these have lost their fire. And yet at the same time I saved them because I thought others would find them interesting. So here’s a dump. Some are frivolous, most aren’t.

  • On Sexual Rights:
    • Rape only hurts if you fight it” – A college journalist claims that an editorial was meant as a satire. The problem is that a satire is supposed to be funny and thought provoking. On Women’s Space the full text of the editorial is presented along with a well organized rebuttal including statements from officials involved in this issue and an exploration of the white male privilege.
    • Battling the Myth of Gray Rape – This is part of the whole “she was asking for it / she deserved it” argument line. Cosmo and multiple books have addressed this “issue,” where if a partner withdraws consent but the other chooses to ignore it, then “it can’t be rape.”
    • Puberty is Consent – The link to the original CNN article wasn’t working at the time of this blogging, so the link goes to an analysis. Basically one of those Evangalist cult preachers who marries young girls (some at the age of 8) to older men claims that puberty is the only consent that any man needs.
    • Take Back the Tech – The Private is Political. But sometimes you want to keep your private as private. This site has tools, technology, and information to keep your privacy and to prevent others from leveraging power by controling your communication.
  • On Environment
    • How to use less CO2– At This is a good list of things to do to use less CO2. It also includes links to Slate’s green challenge.
    • Stop Mountain Top Removal – I said: STOP MOUNTAIN TOP REMOVAL! I used to have a picture of a stripped mountain on my sidebar. This site has information about strip mining, environmental impacts, links to petitions, and activist opportunities.
  • On Technology and Science
  • On Politics
    • Palin: wrong woman, wrong message – Gloria Steinam on why Palin is NOT a feminist icon.
    • No Ordinary Woman -“women will truly have arrived when the most mediocre among us will be able to do just as well as the most mediocre of men” (another article on Palin)
    • McCain’s hero Teddy Roosevelt was more socialist than Obama – I’ve been saying this all along. Why doesn’t it get publicity until some white dude writes about it. Talk about priviledge. It’s not like Timothy Noah (the author) has any credenti…. oh, he’s the senior writer.
    • Callie Shell – Obama – A series of photographs from the campaign trail. Many are very personal and candid. (I’ll prob do more on this one later)
    • That One 08 – Using McCain’s gaffe as a reason to register another domain name. And sell merchandise. Vote for That One in 2008.

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