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techno entertainment luddite adventure journey go!

Posted by Gexx on October 18, 2008

while i’m not necessarily on the cutting edge of technology, i’ve normally been in the upper quartile at the least of knowing what stuff meant.  that is, of course, except for entertainment stuff.

so the other day morgan and i went out west in an attempt to see batman at the dollar theater (which now charges 4$ but gives you complimentary soda and popcorn).  we got there and found out that the newspaper messed up the listings.  i really didn’t want to pay $10 for a ticket to a movie i had already seen and i was hungry.  this whole snafu made me sad and somewhat grumpy, as i had worked it out in my head and it was a marvelous plan to get morgan out of a funk caused by an annoying stats test.  we were driving home down kingston when morgan pointed out a decadent billboard and said “wow, that looks good.” intent on doing something to get out of this mutual grump, i decided that desert would be a marvelous idea so we turn around.  in the process we end up in a store parking lot.  interested, we go in thinking that we would just check out if anything was interesting.

well, there was.  the sales person was so helpful! at the same time she upsold me twice! but you know what, i really like what i ended up with.  the first model was small, compact, with only one feature.  The second was larger with a variable setting.  The third and final had more than one function and three sets of conrols for a total of 5 buttons.  morgan and i messed with it while in the store and while at first this seemed rather intimidating, it didn’t seem like something i couldn’t handle.  so i had her bag it up and she got my name and all that good stuff and we took it home.

i feel like such a dork not knowing everything about all these tech toys.  i mean, i refuse to even think about ipods because they’re apple, and the other mp3s… i have one, don’t need more info. comp stats are lost on me. video games? fsck, i got me an NES and PS2. that’s all anyone needs. right? right.

so looking at the walls and racks of technojoy totally freaked me out.  congrats saleswoman, you made me happy!


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