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Brewer’s Jam (part i)

Posted by Gexx on October 12, 2008

This is going to be in a couple parts as I am tired and I think I’m coming down with something.

Brewer’s Jam 2008.

Yay! Brewer’s Jam.  I heart the beer and the people and the amusement.  This year was slightly different.  More people joined, I was there with Morgan, I met Eric’s parents, and I saw someone who I totally didn’t expect to see at all, really ever ever again.

The day started with giving David’s ticket to Heather, at about 11:45.  On the way back Morgan and I grabbed some Krystal’s for ourselves and hsi friend Tom.  We get back to Morgan’s place, Tom meets us there, and as we’re eating Kimberly, Shannon, and Lindsey show up.  The reason for this meeting up was because we were all returning to Morgan’s place after the Jam to sober up and as there have been multiple muggings in the neighborhood, we didn’t want people walking after dark to random cars.

We get there at 12:30, and after figureing out checkin and everything, we get in line and eventually make our way in.  Eric introduces us to his parents.  They’re ADOREABLE!  They’re shorter than I thought, though.  Heather’s parents met everyone.

Eric was taking pictures for the Knoxvillle Voice, so when they get out up I’ll probably try to link them. We’ll see if I remember.

At 2PM we had a drink for one of my girls who had to give a paper out of state, so she missed us.



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