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i’m helpful!

Posted by Gexx on October 9, 2008

I tend to be the “helpful” friend.

No, not really, I’m just (surprised? impressed? amused?) by the two “help me”‘s I’ve been asked for today. Probably by the way the asker approached it. I like to think that I’m helpful in general, once when the sewer exploded up one friend’s second floor apartment bathtub, again when a friend’s husband left, still again at random other askings.

One: I dropped a friend off at the airport at 430AM.
how this happened:
friend: “I have a favor to ask you.”
me: “I’ll see what I can do, what’s up?”
f: “Ineedyoutodropmeoffattheairportat430thursdaymorningwednesdaynighttakeyourpick”
m: ::giggle:: “ok”

Two: Laundry for another friend (in a way)
how this happened:
friend: “question”
me: “answer”
friend: “did i wake you up?”
me: “no”
friend: “ok, that was the question, bye”
me: “really?”
f: “no, there’s a leak in my apartment so they’re taking out the subfloor and the water heater which means that i can’t take a shower or do laundry. and it happens that today i need to take a shower and i really should do laundry…”
me: “come on over”

ha. ok, to go do work now.


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