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Posted by Gexx on October 8, 2008

the other night morgan and i watched “dexter”, the series on hbo.  he had somehow temporarily aquired the dvds from the first season. so we watched the first episode, excited because of all the good reviews we heard about the series.

i really didn’t like it.

it seems like the potential for a good drama couched in the shock value of realistic looking dead people.

granted the porosity at the end of the long bones looked somewhat accurate (i’m not the most experianced among my crew) in the dismemberment, but really.

there was a lecture a few weeks ago for class. it was billed (in my mind) to be about the logistics of the 9/11 recovery process and forensic anthro type stuff there.  instead we got to see lots of dismembered body parts from different criminal cases.

i don’t like soft tissue.

but at the same time i’m glad that physanths are able to develop the methods and technology to apply to such forensic situations in order to identify individuals and methods of body “modification”.

dexter is cashing in on this.

ah well. shock shock shock.


One Response to “dexter”

  1. Claire said

    I’m sad you don’t like Dexter, but no one’s perfect. 😉 I have to admit, I kind of zoned with the anthro-speak. I hadn’t even thought of the show in those terms. My favorite part is the character development. It’s a hero quest with a morally ambiguous hero. His relationships with those around him are fantastic! His quest really gets juicy in season 2, but you have to watch season 1 for the ground work. The whole dead people thing becomes secondary, just a vehicle for his journey of discovery. It’s just the set, the real plot is about a character who is so incredibly likable despite his behavior that is so objectionable to mainstream society, but it’s more than that. I don’t want to give anything away, though. And they don’t cop out with just one hero quest. Every character is on a journey of self-discovery. None of them are out of a box, and each one grows with the show. It is my number one favorite show ever! Of course, I’m always watching what camera gear he uses (since he photographs crime scenes as part of his job), so I’m sure you have trouble watching without analyzing the dead people stuff, and it has lots more dead people than cameras. It’s based on a series of books. I’m sure the shock value has brought in some audiences, but I really feel that the rave reviews are because of the story telling and character development. I think you should give it another try.

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