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rhetoric rage! and myspace removed my uterus

Posted by Gexx on October 2, 2008

this has been bugging me for a while… the phrase
“rape or incest”

aren’t these both rape if they’re non-concensual?


so the uterus picture below with the caption of a play on “this is not a pipe” which has launched discussion of my french proficiency (yeah, yahoo translator for the not-win, we’re working on this) has been removed from myspace (after i took it off of my default as i wanted to fix it) for the fact that it was offensive.

darn those internal organs, forcing us to face the fact that we are females with girly bits.

but apparently cleavage /  bikini shots are fine



One Response to “rhetoric rage! and myspace removed my uterus”

  1. Darling Clementine said

    that’s insane! a pencil line drawing of a uterus… welcome to the apocalypse.

    i was extra fond of that picture because i have an homage to magritte’s pipe etched into my flesh.

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