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if i know this much of the subculture i’ve been here too long

Posted by Gexx on September 30, 2008

claire AND lee AND rusty have a first friday opening. claire’s is up on w summit hill. lee and rusty’s are over on gay/cumberland. wine and cheese cubes, yo!

so the schedule for friday:
1400-1600: get hair done
1600-1700: agonize over outfit for first friday and possible FAC (friday eve comm dept social club)
1700-1830: FAC with morgan (if there is one, told him i would go with him)
1830-2200: First Friday with my peeps (dragging mr. morgan along too)
2200-? : sassy ann’s w/ Cutthroat Shamrock

heather and others will most likely be joining us. Mr. J and Ms. J will not be present (aww) as Mr. J is going off to do some camping and Ms. J is being really busy down in hawt-lanta.

mr. morgan gets to meet the crew members not of the sr. taco bent, including claire and nathan (aaron’s sis-in-law and bro).  i asked specifically whether it would cause drama if i came or ::gasp:: if i came with the new boy. but as aaron is apparently not attending, i have no worries of causing a dramallamabomb.

damn drama… stay away from me.


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