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Posted by Gexx on September 25, 2008

so i did it. finally. i made my very own myspace picture. i don’t like pix of me, so i go ahead and rip off other sites. my latest picture stated that my marxist feminist dialectic would bring all the boys to my yard. the newest newest one is to the left. thank online translators for the translation. hopefully i have it right!

maybe not all, but i do have one at the moment. i don’t know if it was the MFD that did it or simply the fact that i could actually speak intelligently after multiple beers on random uber-esoteric,paradigmatic-shifting, rhetoric challenging, possibly-important topics.


i also, this afternoon erased all email correspondance with people i don’t like. err…. a person i no longer like. i didn’t realize quite what had piled up, but when i saw something with his name on it, i dug a bit and realized “damn, don’t need this mucking up the inbozzle”. Hitting the “trash” choice surely isn’t as cathartic as burning things, but who needs catarsis when you’ve moved on.

and no, me stating that i’ve moved on is not denial that i haven’t.

speaking of moving on, back to the MFD/Beer incident… YAY!

that’s all. if you haven’t met him, you obviously haven’t seen me in the last 2 weeks, as we seem to do many things together. i’m home alone now for the first time in a while. i should be doing laundry….

hit the disc exchange today. picked up tickets for brewers jam. not missing it for anything. there’s a crew of boucoup zwanzig joining me: eric, morgan, shannon, shannon, kimberly, heather, paula, jim, and more. yay.

also grabbed a PJ Harvey CD. i blame my DE dude for hooking me on her last last summer. damn him and his lucious prematurely entirely gray hair coupled with being a band teacher and a husband and father (i think he said he had kids) with awesome tastes in knowing what i want…. in music. DAMN HIM!

ask me about my recipe for curry. and remember that the farmers market has awesome summer squash this week. it goes well with curry.

and to the Ktowners who read this excuse for a blog… i’ll be at GreekFest sometime after 3. I have some brownies that need my attention until then.


2 Responses to “proudness”

  1. Darling Clementine said

    Hey. The caption might work better as “ce n’est pas propriété de l’Etat”, although if a uterus were the state, i definitely wouldn’t be anti-authoritarian. and magritte wouldn’t be twitching in his grave.

  2. gexx said

    damn…messed up on the genitive. should be this is not “of” the state.


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