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i have a cat sleeping on me

Posted by Gexx on September 24, 2008


finally. she’s gotten into this habit of rubbing her butt on my face.

So this world is shaping up rather interestingly. I was told that I should be happy that Palin is on the ticket.  Why?  For the simple fact that she has girly bits? That’s what I’m told.

  No, she does not challenge the current hegemony who is trying to take away my right to decide what I will do with myself.  That in and of itself was why many feminists were excited about possibilities of women in power: because through living without male priviledge she would understand how to “even the score” (so to speak).  Instead, the single woman who was picked to advance this far was, ironically, chosen to court the far right.

As a left leaning individual concientious about the environment, adament in keeping my body as my own property, whose main political view is “limited government would be great, but the hegemony would disenfranchise,” as a memeber of a lower socio-economic class (just miss being able to get food stamps) and who is rather aware of global politics (and wonders why the US needs to be involved), why would I vote for them?  Both McCain and Palin are not for me.

On the energy “thing” – any plans to drill. ANY. will need to undergo multiple steps before any production.  The geologists need to find a profitable area, the permits must be run through the system, the structure must be designed/customized and then built, as well as other mediatary tasks.  This will take 10 to 15 years.  This will not help with $4/gallon gas next summer.  Instead, this country must take that time and those funds and develop alternative sources.

it’s simple.

or so i thought.


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