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Posted by Gexx on August 27, 2008

Today was my first school group of the year. 100+ kindergarteners. With a craft. But I had them all at once, I only had them about 17 at a time, but that meant that I needed to give the same program 6 times. This program is part of a special school program where we don’t use our typical programs. Instead we design curriculum to augment what they’re learning in school. So the kindergarteners are supposed to be learning about families and the 5 senses. We set up a program looking at how kids and adults interacted and what kids do. By the end third program I gave I managed to refine my intro to talk about how we are part of our families, how everyone has their own families, and how families are all different. In the process of that, I had some “doozies”.

See, the kids with the school are from the East Side, the not great part of town. When we were bringing up families, most of the 5 year olds in their first week of class are, well, simple five year olds. They aren’t the best when it comes to censoring themselves.

So one says:

My family is my Daddy and my Mommy and my other Mommy and my Sister and me

Another says:

I used to have a daddy, but he got angry so the police officer took him away and now my mommy says that he won’t be around any more and now it’s just my mommy and me and she takes care of me.

And still another:

I lived with my grandmother but she died.

I love these kids, but sometimes it’s sad, that they say these so matter of factly.

I think that it’s working with these kids that makes me realize that although I get annoyed at my life, I still have been able to take care of myself well enough.

Hugs to them all.


One Response to “kids”

  1. Jen said

    …a daddy AND two mommies? That kid’s going to have some interesting ideas about relationships.

    You rock for nurturing future generations.


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