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Posted by Gexx on August 23, 2008

I’ve been cleaning up my bookmarks among other computer components. I came across a couple of sites I squirreled away that I think are marvelous.

1. Chaiya Chaiya

This is a bollywood music video. The subtitled one is here
It’s lyrics are gorgeous, an absolutely poetic love song sung on an epic set. I’ve loved it for years! Truly drawing from so many sources to explain such complicated concepts.
The lyrics are also below the embedded video.

jinke sar ho ishq kii chha.nh He whose head is in the shadow of love
pao.n ke niiche jannat hogi will have heaven beneath his feet.
jinke sar ho ishq ki chha.nh Whose head is in the shadow of love…
chal chhaiyya  Walk in the shadow.
pao.n jannat chale chal chhaiyyan  Walk in heaven, walk in the shadow.
vo yaar hai jo khushbuu kii tarah There’s a friend who is like a sweet fragrance, 
jiskii zabaan Urdu kii tarah whose words are like poetry (lit. Urdu, the language of poetry),
merii shaam raat merii qainaat who is my evening, my night, my existence.
vo yaar mera saiyya saiyya That friend is my beloved!
gulposh kabhii itarae kahii.n  Sometimes (my beloved) flirts like a flower,
mahake to nazar aa jaa’e kahii.n so fragrantly that you may see her scent.
taawiiz banake pahanuu.n use Having made it into an charm, I will wear it. 
aayat kii tarah mil jaaye kahin She shall be obtained as a miracle is obtained.
mera nagama vahii.n mera qalama vahii.n She is my song, my declaration of faith
(kalama: the Muslim confession of faith, as in, “la ilaaha il allaah” – “there is no God but Allah”).
(vo yaar hai jo imaam ki tarah) (My friend is like a priest to me.)
mera nagama nagama mera qalama qalama My song… my declaration of faith…
yaar misale.n os chale  She moves like the dew.
paon ke tale phirdaus chale She walks with the garden of heaven beneath her feet,
kabhii Daal Daal kabhii paat paat sometimes through the branches, sometimes amidst the leaves.
mai.n hawa pe DHuu.nDHuu.n us ke nishaan I shall search the wind for her trail!  
mai.n uske ruup ka sedaaii  I trade in her beauty. 
vo dhuup chhaa.nho.n sa harjaaii Fickle, she flits shamelessly from sun to shade. 
vo shokh badalta hai She changes her bright colors;
mai.n ruup ka saudaaii I negotiate that as well.

2. Beautiful Places Where Nothing Hurts
This is a gorgeous hypertext exploration of multiple settings where the site’s creators have ventures. The title is taken from a Vonnegut quote for an epitaph “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”


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