Gexx in Knoxville

This blog is about Gexx, in Knoxville

the local characters

Posted by Gexx on August 16, 2008

so one thing I find most interesting about Knoxville after dark are the recurring characters that spice up the evening. One is the hula-hoop girl, another is the scrawny white-boy hacker with waist-length dreds (we had an interesting conversation last night, btw, I heard his whole boasting about def-con and all that), the Rose Seller, a couple bar tenders who go out when not working, and the Wizard. Or atleast I had termed him the wizard. He is this tall black dude always wearing robes and has a huge staff. Ms. A and I last night talk to this one dude who pulls out a big green stone wrapped in wire and on a thick cord. I ask about it and he said he got it from the dude with the staff. I respond “Oh, the wizard dude.” and he’s like “actually he’s a gypsy.”

Go figure.

odd… everytime i hit the apostrophe my computer goes into “quick find” mode but quote marks are ok. My arrow keys aren’t working either. ooh… look, apostrophes work again. as do arrows. odd…


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