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I go into the field and suddenly I feel important

Posted by Gexx on August 8, 2008

So I go out to do field work on Thursday because the work place has no internet or phones, and as my database is stored on an off-site server, I can’t do work. So boss comes and says, “Get yur arse in the field” (not quite, more like “you should really get out of the lab!”)

So I go out to the site, and one of the PIs has the same first name as me and we both refuse to use shortened versions of our names, but that’s ok, until i hear people saying “Go ask X” and I’m like “AAAAAH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON!!” And I’m trying to formulate a way to say “I have no idea go ask someone else” without sounding like I really have no clue. These were my FIRST POSTMOLDS! You would think after doing this for so long I would have encountered some, but… nope. And it’s not like thinking that I would be sought for advice on park collections is egotistical. That’s what I do… but this site I was NOT FAMILIAR.

Eventually I got used to not reacting right away and trying to determine which of us they were speaking to.

So, anyway, they get a few visitors through the week, but Thursday, we get the NCDoT, the THPO, the SHPO, and all of the University Chancellors. We were supposed to get the Chief of the Eastern Band too, but he was held up with other stuff.

The park archy, my pseudo- boss, to each of these points out me and my co-workers, two of us (US, as in someone else and ME) are both park employees and UT students, so We get pointed out more and our general work/research/all that get outlined. Now I’m like “Gah! No, I want to be anonymous” ah well.

Then I head home and realize that I never set up a time to meet with that dude… yes, *that* dude … for dinner. So I text him and let him know that I won’t be home until atleast 7. I thought that he would wait for me to tell him I got home and then start on over. No, he instead was there, waiting for me.

huh… someone who’s interested in me, curious. I should let it not get to my head.


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