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Day 34 part 1

Posted by Gexx on June 8, 2008

I wrote up two different blog posts in a time period where I had limited internet access. I did other things that I needed to do online as my computer battery died. So here is part 1. It was actually written on May 27.

26 –
Try 10 New Restaurants (3/10)
Agave Azule – Friday night came, and I had told Aaron I would make dinner, but I was unable to get to shopping for componants. Our choice then was pasta and sauce or canned soup. As it was a very very warm night, where neither of us felt like dealing with an unairconditioned kitchen and boiling water or soup, we opted to instead go out. Aaron was feeling like Mexican, but neither of us wanted Sr. Taco, our normal spot for that… the heat had us somewhat finicky… and we didn’t want to drive to far. Aaron also wanted to try someplace new, as I have this list running. I commented that we eat out often enough (about 1 time a week) that we’ll find those ten before the 1001 days are over. But I was curious about Agave Azule, on the eastern edge of “out west”, the “far away” part of the city. My neighbor had gone once, it bills itself as a Tequila bar, but it functioned more as a hangout for college kids wanting cheap, good margaritas and draught beer. Campus had been emptied weeks ago, so now would be a good time to check it out without dealing with the self important rapscallions that normally pass as undergrads.
We got there and sat outside, on the patio. The parking lot wasn’t senic, but the air and the breeze were good and comfortable. We each got a Jumbo margarita (20 oz), Aaron ordered fajitas and I ordered pork in a salsa verde… I don’t remember its exact name. It also came with tortillas to wrap the pieces in. Both came with a serving of rice and beans. The beans I found to be bland (which might mean they weren’t made with lard… ), and the rice was ok, but the main dish itself was most awesome. Mine was just spicy enough, and Aaron’s was very flavorful. The Margaritas were pretty good. These were the type that included orange juice, I normally like the “plain” type, but these were deliciously refreshing with the meal. We ate and then hung out as we finished our margarita. All in all, it went very well.

Restaurant (4/10)
Aaron and I had just finished getting my desk and running it back home. Our next plans for the afternoon were to hit the mall to see Indiana Jones and to look for a few things. I wanted to get a pair of jeans, and he needed a flask and a messanger bag. We were heading to the mall and suddenly realized that with all the looking around, and heavy manuevering, and all, we were hungry. After a debate of “what do you want to eat, no what do you want” we had tentatively decided on Salsarita’s… mexican again. As we pulled off the exit, I noticed the shopping center that has the Asian market I prefer, and I remembered that everytime I go I am curious about the Korean restaurant there. So “Would you like Korean?” “Dunno, never had it. ” “Neither have I, but there’s one in that shopping center.” “Ok” And we go.
We were waited on by an awesomely enthusiastic woman in her 30s. There were a few quiestions about stuff on the menu (we steered away from the Beef Entrail Cassarole, no questions on that) and she was really great about it. Each dish came with “todays sides” and we decided just to see what those were when they came. There were 6 sides, each in their own bowl. Bean sprouts, spicy cucumber salad, kimchee, marinated eggplant, wasabi radish salad and… something else. Aaron ordered a pork dish, similar to twice cooked pork, at Medium spicy. I ordered a sweet potato noodle and vegetable stew. They were both very very good.

Restaurant 5/10
Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
I went to the vegetable market, but I still hadn’t gone grocery shopping. We had salads for lunch and the night was very warm, so we felt like sandwiches. I had noticed that a sandwich shop near campus had decent prices, so we ran over there (4 minute drive) and grabbed some to bring home. I had a tuna sandwich with all sorts of vegetables, I always liked tuna… And Aaron had one filled with roast beef and salami and all that stuff. When we got there, we realized that they delivered. I wonder if there is a minimum order… but no worries. We’ll probibly order from them again. I never get lunch meat, and oddly enough I rarely have bread.

36 – Sunday Aaron and I rode our bikes to Market Square. It was just as much to just take them out as it was to go to Market Square to hang out and people watch without dealing with driving through downtown.

48 –
Clive Barker – Fun Book Review (9/30)
Imajica was an epic story of multiple worlds that weave together, different types of huminoids, and magical creations. I honestly don’t know how to summarize it. But it was really good.

72 – The office was fully emptied. I then moved my old desk to the opposite wall and the book case across the room. The old desk worked ok with my desktop computer, a little cramped but do-able. It is totally incompatable with my laptop, particularly if I need another book or notebook out. That is why it was religated to a stereo stand. It will now function as the stereo stand and as a set of shelving. Over the weekend, Aaron and I went out in search of another desk. I wanted something BIG and SIMPLE. I never liked drawers too much, I would rather pile books and notebooks underneath the dresser so I could grab them. I never needed much in the way of office accessories, just a few pens and maybe some post-it notes. My new one is about 70″ x 30″… I found it at Big Lots for $65. Much less than I had planned to spend, as similar desks at Ikea (where I thought I would need to go) were atleast three times that.
I now have room to set up my scanner and my printer. Yay! I would still like to get another bookcase… I have two whole boxes of books still plus a bunch in my office on campus. That won’t be hard.
Also, I went through all my old papers… I ended up shredding 4 garbage bags of old pay stubs, bank statements, and Important Papers. So there’s less stuff to find places for. Now I’m going through my boxes of accumulated “stuff” and getting rid of a good part of that.


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