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Day 13 – more done

Posted by Gexx on May 18, 2008

At Aaron’s place, dinking around on his computer. I’ve felt rather blah (bad blah, very bad blah funk) for the most of the week, so I’ve really done little except sit around and read. Cleaning came to a halt, so my bedroom looks good, but my house is still a wreck. I hope to be better this week. Borrowed more books from him, not that that’s what I need necessarily, but I’ll try to be more sparing in my reading. At least trying to get tasks done.

48: “Fun Book” Book Reviews
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Hunter S. Thompson – Fun book review 3/30

I had been wanting to read this book for a while, so when I raided Aaron’s shelves and saw it, I snatched it up. It was interesting. It was hard to understand the author, hard to be emic, empathetic, as I don’t have experience in chemicals (I am a horrible square) and particularly not to the extant of him. The book was … most words that I would use to describe sections: interesting, funny, odd, annoying, energetic, poignent…. they don’t seem to work. I think… frenetic might be the best.
Other than that… I really don’t know what to say.

Fight Club
Chuck Pahlaniuk – Fun book review 4/30
… will be continued later …. tired of blogging

88: Identify 100 things that make me happy and why

Pollywog in a Bog
Aaron got the new Bare Naked Ladies CD this week, he preordered it. I liked BNL before, they were good, but I never really got to get into them. But this CD, while cheesy, most things that make me happy are cheesy, including cheese itself, is adoreable. Some songs are overly childinsh, but one I love. It may have something to do with me liking frogs, but the song is simple, it makes sense, the words pleasingly flow, and the different sections are …. well, just watch the clip after my spiel.

I was actually feeling low last night, headache and tired and just fatigued in general, concerned about things, overly reflective and critical, and Aaron, after sitting and listening to me for a while (see object 1 for this goal … I hope he realizes how much sitting and listening sometimes helps) suggested that we get some sleep. While I was crawling under the covers he turned on his stereo and flipped to this song, knowing it was my favorite. I was all snuggled up under the comforter (I’ve been oddly cold lately) and he sat there and we sang it. It’s just a happy song about how awesome metamorphosis is. It makes me happy.

In the puddle by the trail it flips its tiny tail
Just like a great big whale but smaller than a snail

It’s a pollywog in a bog, swims under soggy logs
One day he’ll be a frog, pollywog in a bog

Overhead a cedar tree gives the shade he needs
Munching while he feeds on lily pads and weeds

Knows not where he’s from, or how his life had begun
He’s not the only one, and soon he’ll breathe through lungs

It’s hard to believe
With the arms you’ll receive
You’ll life your head above the water and breathe
Gills shrink away and may there come a day
When you reach the shore with a whole world to explore

Ribbit ribbit a tadpole exhibit
It’s a transformation no one can inhibit
Amphibian change may seem strange
Take them gills and the tail and they all rearrange

Out come the legs for the jump! jump!
Hope to the top of the stump! stump!
Out come the legs for the jump! jump!
Hope to the top of the stump! stump!

Where the mud is deep frost will soon creep, and without a peep a frog is fast asleep

It was a pollywog in a bog, swam under soggy logs
In the morning fog, pollywog in a bog.

92a: I went through my sweaters, so now 4 more objects to goodwill (total of 76). I honestly didn’t think it would be this easy to finish this goal. I thought it would be motivation to go through a bunch of the stuff that has been piling up thanks to my mother’s decision that “you need these napkins” or “this candle holder” or many other things.

93: to the person involved, we still haven’t actually figured this out.


One Response to “Day 13 – more done”

  1. Karla said

    I didn’t even know they had a new CD out! I’m so hopelessly behind.

    Some happy jingles I can recommend:

    Yes, I’m biased. ^_^

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