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Day 7 – Starting on some "easy" goals

Posted by Gexx on May 12, 2008

88: Identify 100 things that make me happy and why

Aaron (1/100)
It’s cheesy, you think, placing my boyfriend as my first to write about. I guess that’s because he’s the easiest. He was going to be on the list anyway, which is not cheesy or mushy, but common sense. I would not be in a relationship with the man if he made me unhappy and I would not stick around if he made me blase. So Aaron…

He makes me happy in multiple ways and always has. I started out intending for a rather superficial relationship, not putting too much faith in him continuing to want to be with me, but before we spent a total of 24 hours together I realized that we worked together well.

I was working on a museum exhibit of 5 major world religions, so I was exploring some concepts deeper than I ever had, particularly of Buddhism and Hinduism as they had the more impacting pieces in the exhibit that I had to discuss with visitors. He was working on incorporating Buddhist concepts into his life, such as methods for controlling anger, so he was also familiar with some topics. We could discuss it, and (what I liked) when we did, we could cite sources. Many of my sources were “classic mythology” and texts like the Bahgavad Gita as well as some academic scholars of the topics. His main source was current Buddhist practitioners and monks who were authors.
We have somewhat similar tastes, I’m not a fan of his favorite movies, and I honestly don’t know what my favorite are to see if he likes them. But we do both enjoy Cyberpunk, SciFi, Fantasy, and many other topics in the litany of geek genres of books and movies.

So on some levels we have similar interests. Our interests of more academic pursuits, however, are rather different. But we both enjoy learning (to a point) about what the hell the other is talking about.

When it comes to spending time together, neither of us are the most exciting. I really don’t care to be and neither does he. It’s just nice to have someone to hang out and talk with. We might walk into downtown or play video games. We can cook together, me making most anything I want and him helping where I ask and more than happy to help me eat my experiments. Neither of us have conservative palates, we went to a sushi bar once and the chef offered us some jellyfish salad… and we tried it!

We both appreciate our alcohol, the cheapest beer you’ll find (unless we’re providing some filler beer for a party) is Shiner, until Yuengling made its way down here. We try different wines and actually have learned all the different points in their bouquet. I’ve started to appreciate his Makers Mark and he’s learning to like my single malt.

When he stands next to me, I enjoy that he can put his arm/s over my shoulders (he’s tall – 6’2″). I like how I rest under his arm when I stand next to him. He leans down to kiss me just a bit, and when he kisses me on the cheek it feels so sweet. He can also kiss so violently, so passionately that it just blows my mind.

I am comfortable with him, more comfortable than I have felt in a long time with anyone. He doesn’t mock me, he doesn’t throw what I’ve said in the past in my face, he doesn’t throw my past in my face. I feel secure with him, he feels secure with me. He doesn’t get jealous when I go out with friends. He wants to be friends, foremost, everything else just happening as it does… and that’s what I want too.

In progress:

92a: I’ve added to the goal in an attempt to make it more of a stretch. I’m cleaning out the house still, so adding more to the number of objects.

71- Clean out house. This is a serious cleaning goal. This type of goal means that I have spent two days on one room and am still not done. I’m working on the bedroom: I went through all of my clothes, I picked up everything, I changed sheets and gone through my pillows. I vacuumed and will re-vacuum moving all furniture. I am reorganizing all my drawers (even the underwear drawer). I am going through every non-clothes item deciding if it’s for goodwill, trash, or staying. I am dusting. I will wash my bedside table. That kind of cleaning. For each room.


2 Responses to “Day 7 – Starting on some "easy" goals”

  1. Karla said

    Wait wait, I just saw #95. This is 101 in 1001, not 101 in 500! Part of me wants to yell, “What are you doing, girl??” but then again, you never do anything halfway. I think you’re crazy, but I’m cheering you on! ^_^ ~hugs~

  2. kimz said

    I totally get that you need a safe place without distractions for practicing Yoga. Maybe a Yoga video or audio would help to keep your mind quiet?
    There was a time when I could not practice Savasana or Pranayama due to anxiety… Once I started to slip into a deep relaxation I’d bolt upright. Something inside me needed to stay vigilant.
    Be gentle with yourself, it will come. =)
    Nice work on all your cleaning!
    Feels good to make progress.

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