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Day 5 – Good stuff done … not necessarily in the best context

Posted by Gexx on May 10, 2008

I have a weekend with almost nothing to do. Why? Because Aaron isn’t around. He’s down in Georgia with his family as his grandmother is very bad off. As in, the funeral will probibly be this week. So I’m taking advantage of this and cleaning house and generally loafing (the two can be mutually compatable). Basically, doing all the stuff I would normally do if he wasn’t around… “distracting” me. With like, video games, you know.

#5 – By the way, this 1001 day segment started after I turned in a “final” draft of my book chapter. This means that it’s one of the last drafts before the editor gets it. At least, that’s what it seems like to me. Non?

#26 – Saturday I went down to the Farmers Market. Before I headed out, I called Claire up and told her I was heading there, and that she should join me. It was fun. We ended up doing lunch at LaCosta’s. Actually, to use their rhetoric, it was Brunch. They don’t do lunch. Only Brunch or dinner. She had Sweet Potato Pancakes and I had a Burrito filled with eggs and tofu and artechoke hearts and onions and peppers and good stuff covered is a sauce with a name sounding vaguely mexican but basically a fresh, slightly sweet salsa.

#37 – So, i went to the farmer’s market, but left my bag on the table next to the door. This makes it 0/1 since the 1001 days started. (I brought it once to a FM prior to 101/1001)

#38 – Found a CSA farm in my area. There’s only one. It’s only operating from April to September (reasonable for the climate), but it’s $600. That’s about $20 per week. Which may be reasonable, but I don’t know quite what the amount is that comes in a weekly box. I wouldn’t normally spend $20 on produce at my local market (which tries to get local first, regional next, then from elsewhere) where I can be discerning as to what I purchase. I’ll keep trying to look into it. We have so many small farms, but I guess most are monocropping.

#48 – Snow Crash
Neal Stephenson – Fun book review 2/30

As Aaron’s gone, I’m reading a bunch. I just finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I’m torn as to whether or not I like it. I think that at times, Stephenson gets hung up on the details, and at other times he forgets a detail, or seems to, based on the (il)logical turn of events. A character gets information that had only been released to another character. Someone is somewhere they shouldn’t be. Things like that.

Either way, the story is a fun piece of cyberpunk. Governments are more or less disbanded, commercialism has taken over. The few governments that survive are only around because they have become a business In all of this, a high capacity Metaverse has developed where the user can interact with others in a user generated 3D world. Everything from finances to sword play. In short, it seems like Second Life.

The main character, Hiro Protagonist (lolocopterz), starts the book as a delivery guy for Casa Nostra (yes, that Casa Nostra) Pizza. He has a run in with a Kouriour (sic), named Y.T., while delivering pizza one night. This leads to a partnership in collecting information for the Central Intelligence Corporation (nee the CIA, now commercialized) that leads to the realization that viruses may not be exclusively biological or electronic, that Babylon and Sumer are more than a chapter in history books, and just what modern religion (Second Great Awakening ahoy!) is capable of.

The story was good, the characters were fun, the author assumes that the reader will assume. The descriptive passages, however, are awesome. Absolutely awesome.

84 and 86 – I bought 3 tomato plants at the Farmer’s Market. I also bought Rosemary.

92 – In cleaning out my house, I went through all of my clothes and got rid of everything I haven’t worn in the last year, didn’t fit, or that I didn’t like. 62 pieces of clothing are going to Goodwill, and 24 others (socks, underwear, torn jeans) are just going to be disposed. I feel like I should increase that task… Maybe I’ll renew it after 500 days. Doesn’t mean that I’ll stop with my general clean out, though.


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