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Posted by Gexx on March 5, 2008

Aaron has moved to Knoxville. He and his housemate live about 4 minutes from my house. It’s very convenient for multiple reasons, especially with a few odd personal things I’ve been dealing with and a really bad freak out I had the other week. The most selfish thing, however, which may very well be my downfall is that these two men like to eat. They aren’t picky much. So I get to experiment. I hate cooking new things for myself because recipes are always for more than one serving, and I don’t want to dirty all sorts of dishes just for one meal. This way, I get all sorts of meals from one set of cooking. I’ve made them chicken soup, chicken pie, pizza, and a few other things. They’re *right there*. It’s marvelous…. I need to make something for myself tonight, though. I have some soups in the fridge, but I think I’ll freeze one up and make myself somehting from the freezer.

Also, I am starting a tastebook. . let me know if you want to be added as a friend. Or, you can start your own and add me as yours. My email address is my first initial followed by my last name at gmail’s service. You’ll get all sorts of good stuff there.


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