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Posted by Gexx on February 28, 2008

So… I am a feminist, no doubt about that. And as I cannot spend my days perusing national and international news to see what is being done with, for, and against the cause of preventing structural violance from being imposed on anyone based on their race, class, or gender, I let other people do it for me. Sure, I could be told that I’m not the most devout, but at the moment I’m a grad student and have limited time. I’ve been following two main sites:




I like both. I really like both. And while they do a good job keeping up with main 3rd wave feminist points and news, they both delve into misogyney and general hate crimes. Smart, active people run both sites, people who are well known for their activism in these causes. But… they both seem to have the same stories.

Which isn’t a problem. They do talk about things that are local to me when something big happens, but it got me searching for another site that would be even more relevent to this east tennessee female. Browsing their sidebar lists of links, I found one. TN Guerrilla Women. I was so excited! I clicked on it, expecting to find more about the stuff going on in state government, like abortion limitations. Or about local crazy events, like purity balls. Things that build off of feminist topics of possession of one’s body. Instead, the moderators have turned it into a “yay Hillary” site. Not one mention of this week’s overturned attempt at limiting abortions. I didn’t see a clip of our own state rep talking about how rape today really isn’t rape, because the women who get raped today are sluts who are asking for it. No, simply blind Hillary mania and Obama bashing. Limited substence except for clips of debates. The moderators are allowed to have their opinion, they do run the site. But, I’m not obligated to like it. So I’m no longer reading it. I wish I could find another site.


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