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cooking and critters

Posted by Gexx on February 28, 2008

Last night, after I had cooked dinner and was mixing my flax seeds with some granola that I wanted to add to yogurt for breakfast (I’m trying to get back to good eating habits), I needed a teaspoon. I rummaged around in my drawer some, pulled it out all the way and grabbed the spoon. I noticed little brown specks. “Huh, I must have spilled some spices when the drawer was half open.” Closer investigation determined that no, I hadn’t spilled anything. I had a critter that made its way into my drawers. I pull out the drawer and the silverware drawer next to it. Sure enough, in the back, little mouse turds. Annoyed would be an understatement. I mean, aren’t my cats supposed to eat the mice? What about all the snakes in my yard? Well, I pull the drawers out and put them in the dining room, grimicing at the dishes I needed to to before I could attack them. I pulled everything off the counter on top of the drawers and there were little mouse leftovers there too. Also, they had gotten into the box of stuffing that I had left on the counter, and there were half eaten pieces of stuffing up there. I cleaned up that counter, disinfected it and everything that was on it, and then proceeded to investigate my shelves. The shelves both above and below the drawers and counters were free of any mice droppings, thankfully, which means that they weren’t interested in my dishes (should I be insulted?). The mice poo wasn’t there the other week when I cleaned up for my parents. Which would make sense, as it’s been too cold for the snakes in my yard to intercept them since then. It might also explian why I’ve been finding my kittens on my counter. So this is new. Are the mice still there? I don’t know, I’ll be putting out traps for them. Hopefully I don’t catch any. I would rather they just leave on their own. But, I can’t have them running free in my house. I had prided myself at avoiding all infestations, even after the way Justin had left it last jan/feb/mar. My parents can’t know. When I get back from work, I’ll be disinfecting the other counters too. Just in case.


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