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Posted by Gexx on February 8, 2008

So, things have been up and down for the last week or so. I’ve definitely dealt with my share of self drama for the year, and it’s not even Valentine’s Day. In fact, my face is a damn journal of all my worries, and I’ve broken out to the point where I’ve gotten so many zits that I even have one in my EAR that won’t go away. Every now and again I get all hypochondriatic about it and wonder if it’s going to abscess into my skull. I figure that’ll be an interesting skeletal marker as well as a good excuse as to why my school work has stopped.

It hasn’t stopped, though, not at all. I’m working on a paper right now.

Anyway, my parents are coming into town this week. This is the first time my father is visiting me in TN. The occasion? My brother is graduating from shoot-em-up camp at Ft Benning. That’s right, the one time my father is taking time to come see my house is actually just a way point in congratulating his son for being able to follow directions. I’m not bitter, only frustrated. They have also tried to get me to send my cats away for the week, but it’s very simple that I won’t. I will keep the cats out of the bedroom, however, so that they can have a kitten free space. I try hard, I really really do.

So, this weekend will be spent cleaning… my house is a mess, my kitchen smells of fish, my basement insulation needs to be finished, all sorts of stuff. My motivation is that I want to have a dinner party on Saturday night. I feel like making chicken pie. mmmmmm


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