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update on the kittehs

Posted by Gexx on October 25, 2007

my kittens are sick…. sorta.
Orion has had a continual sneeze. The vet attributes it to allergies and my house, I’ll admit, is def on the upperside of the dust containment median threshold. No worries though, right? Especially as the grandfather dumped off a ton of shtuff the other week. Well, right after he did that, Neci started to sneeze and her eyes (more specifically her third eyelids) looked irritated. We had a vet appointment for boostershots the next day, so I told the vet and she said it’s probibly just irritated. Ok, so I have two cats, one sneezing, the other w pink eyelids, but it’s normal. right??

I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts that I have never before had me a fuzzy pet. They’ve always been fish, fireflys, critterpillers, cicadas, or other bugs that I managed to sneak in and not let my parents find. Something fuzzy that actually gets sick, goodness, who knew? So Neci’s eyes don’t get better and hte weekend comes. I debate going back to the vet, but on Monday I get home and Neci, who had been all lovey and snuggly on sunday and monday morning (translate that to “sluggish”) is on my bed with her eyes gunked shut. So I use a wet towel to ungunk them and immediately call the vet. Appointment for the next day and we go. Poor Neci was lost without Orion, but we made due. Vet looks at Neci’s eyes and says

“It’s Chlamydia”

yes, my cat has the clap. The two viruses, human and cat, however, are different. So all jokes said, done, and repeated till old, my cat is not a tramp. So now we have oral amoxicillian and two sets of eye drops. Its a good thing that he’s always been rather calm. She’s also learned that Mama doesn’t let go till all the pink stuff goes down her fuckin’ throat. Even if it takes 6 tries, so she just sits still and takes it now. A cat who follows directions? Who knew??


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