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i’m back from the dead!

Posted by Gexx on October 12, 2007

It’s starting to get chilly here. Which is good. I filled up my gas tank and exclaimed “wow – finally it’s feeling like fall”.

So – excitement – this weekend is brewers jam. Six hours of beer drinking awesomeness with bands and all that stuff. I’m going to park by my office so I can hang out there if I get to the point of not being able to drive.

I’ve been doing some pleasure reading, which is bad. i should instead be working on my many many other projects. But some days and nights I really really really don’t want to do anything intellegent.

Janet Evonavich – this author has done a whole slew of light chick books. The main character in most of them, Stephanie Plum, is a bond agent with plenty of her own foiables. With her pluck and the help of her boyfriend, a homocide cop, and her lust-buddy, a professional bounty hunter, she manages to bring in the bad guys. Sounds sorta cliche, but there’s enough twists and jokes that it’s an easy fun read.
Preferred refreashement: Laird’s Apple Brandy over ice or extra strong Mojitos (I grow my own mint). Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream

Song of Solomon – Awesome book that I picked up because I wanted to read something “controversial” for banned books week. I love her way of description, tossing out details that over the course of the story are not only important but create a seamless narrative and description.
The main plot is of a Macon “Milkman” Dead, the son of a well done landlord and the grandson of a well respected doctor growing up in the middle of the century in Michagan. The story follows his negotiation of his race (african-american / black) and class (upper middle) not in the general world, but in his community and his family. Once he thinks he realizes where he stands and how to improve the public’s view of him (become financially independant) he, no kidding, goes on a multi-state huntfor a stow of gold his father mentioned in stories. In the search, he meets individuals who were but characters in his father’s stories of childhood, causeing him to search deeper for where “his people” come from.
Preferred refreshment: hot tea and chocolate chip cookies, South Paw Light

Hocus Pocus – Kurt Vonnegut
I’ve always loved Vonnegut, I’m sorry. This book, published in 1990 tells the story of an ex-professor ex-soldier who loves older women, fought in Vietnam, taught at a college for disabled individuals, and is currently being held for trial for his involvement in a deadly prison break. Vonnegut writes with such wonderful detached sections that, after devoting some time, make sense. Running jokes, themes, symbolism: this book is an english teacher’s paradise. And his character (telling the story) doesn’t swear as his grandmother told him “profanity and obscenity entitle people who don’t want unpleasant information to close their ears and eyes to you.” One key theme in this book is how the character can’t stand his service in Vietnam, not because of the any inhumanity, horrible sites, or anti-war stance. Instead, it is brought by the futility of the war and the public’s anger of the government leading the country into such (in the end) meaningless conflict to general animosity toward the return of the soldiers. The main character is consistently jealous of World War II veterans because of the respect the country’s populous gave to them. This theme is one that the many yellow ribbon on our vehicles is aimed at preventing. Some call it “patriotism light” but instead, it’s supporting the safety and return of the troops and not the continual conflicts that the ruling class tends to get its lower classes into.
Preferred refreshment: Cabernet Savagnon or Pearl Pomegranate Vodka. Mochi

Class struggle! Class struggle! I just eat it up!!! Yum yum!!!


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