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Cats Part 2

Posted by Gexx on May 13, 2007

I poked around a bit more yesterday, there are six… Chloe, Cleo, Cy, X,Y,Z (I’m working on those!

They all ran away from me, but then I put down a can of tuna and it was gone 2 hours later (still no sign of the cats). The mama cat is feral. We have a bunch in the neighborhood, descended from cats of the crazy lady who used to live in my house, moved away, and kicked her cats, so the original (old) ones are somewhat tame and hang around the area and will sometimes let themselves be pet. I spent the spring trying to feed the others and get them close so I could get a cage/carrier and get them fixed at the least.

The bird gore wasn’t too bad, I swept up the wings and the poo in the corner they were using (reminder: get litter box) and tossed all that away. This winter, I’ll set up a real box with blankets and keep an eye on (and feed) the momma unless I manage to snag her and fix her beforehand.

I knew the cats could get in and out because one cold day I found them laying around my water heater. I guess I should have expected this.


2 Responses to “Cats Part 2”

  1. Betel said

    I is in yur b0xx0rs, eatin yur t00nah.

  2. Melissa said

    Lan’s backyard has not cats this season, but raccoons. Baby raccoons, under the pool deck. Heh.

    Meanwhile, my sisters have been “saving” baby birds from their backyard… so far I think the count was 3, with one surviving.
    *le sigh*

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