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Posted by Gexx on May 11, 2007

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I’ve been trying to mow the lawn for the last few weeks, but as I haven’t been home while the sun was up as of recent, it’s been a little hard. So I finally get out there the other day. I’m chugging along quite well, when suddenly CLUNK chugchugchugwhhhffth th ht. The mower stops because I hit a cinderblock. Oh joy. So I let it set, thinking that time will heal the mower. It doesn’t. The mower goes back into the basement, with me verbalizing my dissapointment the whole time. While in the basement, I look up at one of the windows and notice one of the neighborhood’s cats walking by. I really don’t mind or care. Then, I go to get my weedwhacker – the front yard will be decent looking by the end of the day, even if its not mowed. Moving to the weedwhacker, I step over my shelves.
Wait – that’s not right. The shelves are supposed to be against the far wall, not fallen over with the fishbowl shattered all over the floor and the other contents scattered. I’ll take care of them all later. First – the yard!
So as I go to grab the weedwhacker, I hear some puttering about going on in another section of my basement. It sounds like someone’s walking around, so I go into that section and am greeted by a floor littered in bird wings and spattered in blood. I knew the cats had gotten in and out occasionally, but I didn’t think they took up residence. The boxes rumble again so I look over at them and see three little kitten fluffballs. They disappear into the pile, so I wait for them to calm down and then gently disinter their home. They’re in the bottom box – of course, which is filled with assorted styrofoam pieces. The three little kittens move from one side of the box to the other, obviously scared of me.

So I just let them be. and weedwhacked my yard.

I’ll go down later, pick up the shelving and sweep up the glass, clean up the bird wings, and leave them some food.



  1. Melissa said

    Awww, kittens!

    Sucks that they’re messing up your basement however. Eww, bird gore.

    How old are the kittens? Sounds like they’re not too old if still in a box.

    Is this your neighbor’s cat, or a feral cat?

    If you have time/energy, you should really try to catch the kittens and even if you don’t have time, give them to someone who can tame them.

    If cats aren’t accustomed to humans within a critical phase of kittenhood, they are VERY hard to tame later-on. Feral cats don’t live very long.

    Call around, there might be some local animal welfare groups that would be willing to help.

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