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Posted by Gexx on April 21, 2007

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I’m just getting so burned out on this school thing. But my book chapter is in. WOOHOO!

“I” turned in 75 pages to my prof. I’m saying “I” because I actually compiled 75 pages for the chapter I’m leading on, but contributed to a total of 4 chapters. See, this is how we’re doing it:
There are four of us Historic Arch’s in the department. We each have our complimentary facets of archaeology that we’re most interested in: Domestic, Military, Industrial, and Bioarch/Mortuary. There are also 4 distinct time periods that we need to deal with: Proto-His and EuroSettlement, Early Statehood and Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction. As most site reports deal with the function of the site (dom, mil, ind, biomort), it’s much much easier to write a paper on a site type rather than a time period, or else everyone will use the same 80% of the reports and miss major chronological connectors and themes. So instead, we each wrote a section on our theme (mine being indutrial, natch). We got them out to each other by Thursday noon. Then Thursday afternoon we were supposed to copy/paste the relevent sections into chronological chapters. We had divided responsibility for these chrono-chaps as one to each of us. This way, we each get a SELF et al citation. Yay! plus, we are also recognized as the et al in three other chapters.

So – I get a good amount prepared for each of the chronochaps, and I get sections for my stuff, and put it together. We were all thinking we’d get 45-50 pages, right? I got 75. The whole reason: a heck of a lot of archeology was done on Antebellum sites. I keep getting criticized for the size of my chapter’s draft. but, think about it. In the Proto/Settlement time: there were few people around to make sites. In the Civil War: we have 5 years worth of sites. In the Reconstruction/Victorian time: things are not as old and still standing so they don’t get dug or they’re not as old and people don’t care so they don’t get dug. The Antebellum however: HUGE population explosion, major building episodes, major buildings, plantations and increased social stratification (ie: slaves), and stuff is “old enough.” Therefore, LOTS of archaeology is done in this time period.

So – it was handed in at 15.30 on Thursday. Marvelous! Why? Because I could work on my Paleo paper!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course not, don’t be stupid! Thursday night was the free George Thorogood concert! So – as i am quite a fan of classic rock (and free concerts and plenty of beer), I load up A and E (my apparent constant partners of crime) into my car and we head off. Well, think of the demographics of a GT concert held during a local bike week. Dirty, old, leather clad gents and their ladies drinking cheap beer (how someone would drink a 3$PBR when Newcastle and RedStripe are only 4$ is beyond me, but mebbe it’s an image thing)pervaded the atmosphere. No worries. Well, before GT got on, we hung out in the PrezPub for a bit. Two beers down and a stage hand, approx 50yo and tiny as all comes up to me

Stagehand: You know, you’re awfully cute?
Me: You know, that’s quite a coincidence. You know why? Because every morning I wake up, look in the mirror, and say “God DAMN! Why do I have to be so damn cute?”
Stagehand: So – You like George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers. You know – Bad to the Bone?
Me: Oh please, he has hell of a lot better songs than that overplayed trite. Plus, is he going to destroy anything while he’s here That would be cool.
Stagehand: Well, he destroyed Delaware.
Me: Dude, seriously. Delaware is like, Delaware. You can destroy Delaware, swing down to Rhode Island, have a long lunch, swing by the store for some milk on the way home, and still be able to mow your lawn before the kids get home from school. Is he going to destroy anything while he’s here? If he’s not, I don’t want to talk to you.

We get back to the crowd and in front of the stage as GT is about to get on. Sidetracked, A and I separate from E in order to talk to a few other classmates. No worries, we’ll find each other eventually. Besides, E was probably going to the front to take pictures (his shtick)and A and I just wanted to have fun. Well, the classmates left for more beer. A and I made our way into the crowd. We were 10m from the stage (maybe) and in the direct center. Well, the concert rocked. It was loud, it was roudy, and he was a legend. Now, as a legend, he was on his downhill slope, and he did employ some cheesy lights, but – whatev – it was GEORGE FUCKIN’ THOROGOOD! And I was tempted to order the one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. But – I had to drive.

So – concert’s over – we regroup back at the PrezPub. One more beer because E ordered Newcastle and they gave him a draught. He prefers bottle. So – leftover beer is still beer, and Newcastle is nice. We’re hunched against the bar, I’m sorta standing, but leaned over the bar and we’re mostly huddled, talking about our problems with the opposite sex. I straighten up and get hit by a DOM (dirty old man) on with the cheesy “you’re cute” thing again. I blow him off, hunker over again, we laugh. I stand up again, a new DOM shows up “You’re cute” blow off hunker down. Repeat ad nauseum. I start to think about this statistically. Are we weighted because of the proliferance of DOM skewing our normal curve? Or am I suddenly this darned swan? I think it’s the former, no matter how I would like to believe the latter.

But, my “favorite” was with this 500 lb 50 yo with sweat pouring down his stringy long hair:

Dude: Hey – I think I know you.
Me: Probibly not, man.
Dude: No – I know your grandmother. It’s Bettie Page.
Me: Dude – seriously. While that’s one of the better lines I’ve heard all night, you still need some practice on the delivery. Go – elsewhere.

Soon after, we left. Walking home, we saw some other classmates as they yelled from their car “WOOHOO LOOK AT DEM ARCHAEOWHORES!” Now *that* was hilarious.

Saturday (today), A and I decided to celebrate Earthday KnoxVegas style: with a free all day music festival within walking distance of our office! We slathered on our SPF 50 sunscreen and headed over there at about 4PM. We had us some funnel cakes and snowcones. Yay! Sugar! A left at about 5.30 but I stayed for about another hour. After all, Dishwater Blonde ( ), one of the local bands I really really like, was playing. Thankfully, there were really no DOM there (at least of the GT calibre), so The GT experience was not continued.

And to all who know my music preferences: Yes, I realize Wolfmother is playing tonight (right now actually) at the Bijou, but I am too poor for $35 tickets. Especially since I spent the same amount to see the King Tut exhibit when I go to Phili. No worries. I’ll just see them in a few years when they play the Sundown circuit.

Well, it’s 10PM on a Saturday, and I’m blogging. I think it’s time to pack up and find some dinner.

I don’t think I’ll be doing much with music during the rest of the week. I really need to work on this Paleo paper.


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