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Music again! and one (two) other distraction(s)

Posted by Gexx on April 14, 2007

So – this has been a good week. On Easter I decided to take a day to myself and devoured two books. A very surreal combination, but yaay for Jane Eyre and Neuromancer. Somber British romance followed by a cyber punk dystopia of the most lurid. (interesting, cyber is not recognized by firefox as a word – irony of ironies)

Bottom line: I would recommend either to anyone.

Now I’m working on work – of course. Well, not *now.* Consider it a Newton-esque law of mass applied to time. But last night was again a break from the grind. I joined Mssr. E (a friend of Mdme. A, who appeared in an earlier post) to see a mutually enjoyable band. Cutthroat Shamrocks (of my St. Patrick’s day adventure) played at the Corner Lounge last night. The CL is approximately 1K square feet of coolness, with a bar (of course) along the side, miniscule one stall bathrooms which may or may not flush, and a barely elevated stage at the front. Posters and Tshirts of all the awesome musicmakers who graced their venue crowd the walls, ceilings, and hang from the rafters. NewKnoBrewCo on draught and $1.50 PBRs add to the shabby/chic whatever-ness of the joint. It is – a joint.

We got there, had a few beers before the band got on stage, and when the band started I noticed that it wasn’t Cutthroat Shamrock. Instead, it was a group in corpse paint doing a boyband routine. Intrigued, I made my way to the front while E took pictures (that’s his shtick). The gentlemen on stage composed Zombie Bazooka Patrol and regaled us with such songs as “worms in my head” and “undead brotherhood.” I won’t stick them in a genre, but shall instead continue with my evening.

After they played, Cutthroat got on stage. And the setlist was fricken HUGE! probably three feet long. The ZBP-ers washed off their face and hung out in the intimate rowdy crowd of the front. I ended up hanging with them a bit, talked to the bass player some, and even shared the last of my cigs with them. I love when bands are accessible. Everyone was so awesome and energetic. Being up front and on the more sober end of the spectrum, I inadvertently kept an eye on some of the sound equipment and saved a speaker (amp?) from toppling off of the milk crates that elevated them.

They played till 2 AM, at which point E and I talked with the bass player a bit more, and E showed me that he snagged the set list – FOR ME! He also, coincidently, had him a Sharpie. So I played the ironic fan-girl and snagged the signatures of the band members on the set list. I do plan to scan it eventually, but that’ll be a bit later. No worries. I also purchased a “Limited Edition EP” of Zombie Bazooka Patrol (self burned and numbered) to add to my growing CD collection. I do believe that I shall listen to it on the way home.

After the excitement of the venue, we went home. Mmmmm – the sleep after adrenaline pumping. The day of work afterwards. Back to paper writing.


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