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intermission for lack of sense: St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by Gexx on March 19, 2007

Revelations on waking up at 10.30 AM on the Day after St. Patrick’s Day

1- Ow

2- Good think that I ate at 4AM, it’s too cold to get out of bed.

3- My pillow smells of cigarettes. Hey – I bet I smell of cigarettes!

4- My feet hurt. Actually, the gashes on the top of my feet hurt.

5- I haven’t been to a concert with that much energy since I saw They Might Be Giants.

6- Sheena may be a punk rocker, but Gexx is no mosh-pitter.

Yeah, I actually thought those, even number 6, even though it wouldn’t have qualified as a mosh pit. So therefor, if I can’t handle a St. Pat’s rowdy crowd, I prbibly shouldn’t get myself over my head (lit and fig). The funny thing, I was the mature, responsible designated driver. And I did it, I only had two beers: one at 9.30PM and one at 10 PM because St. Patricks day requires Black’n’Tans and I wanted a short buzz at the beginning. We didn’t leave until 2.30 AM, because the band played until 2.15. Then we had to regroup. Of course we were hungry, so off to the illustrious Waffle House where we sat, drank tons of water, and started to feel human again. After dropping people off I made my way back home, rinsed off my feet, and dropped into bed.

So – what was this show that literally kicked my arse? It was St. Patrick’s Day at the Preservation Pub with Cutthroat Shamrock.

I have seen Cutthroat Shamrock a few times before. They used to play in G-burg quite often. I remember meeting one of the band members at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in 2005, and if they played there then I saw them. There were so many bands, though, that I couldn’t keep track of who I saw other than Claan an Drumma (now called Albennach). Also, they played at the 2006 Brewers Jam in K-ville, and althought the band’s energy was high the only individuals dancing were a handfull of converse-clad highschoolers doing the Ska/Punkrock-Kick. Then, I saw them opening for Enter the Haggis. I went to see Cutthroat more than Haggis, but as they opened, they didn’t get much playing time. At that show, there were so few people and only 4 of us danced. Dancing was somewhay awkward at that moment because the band’s energy just calls for a crowd’s dynamic.

So – last night. Well, because the previous crowds had seemed so low energy, I wore some going out clothes: going out jeans, going out green shirt, and going out sequined ballet flats. The venue is a long narrow room with sepia toned, blown up portraits of individuals and their quotes on drinking. I stood in the front, literally against the 3 foot tall stage, with a group of friends. Since it was the Preservation Pub and because it was a Saturday St. Patrick’s day, there was a huge crowd. But we wanted to be in the front, so we made it.

The band started, and after a few songs, all of the incidental jostling transformed into contrived jostling. After a few more songs the created, contained bumping and jumping of Mob suddenly took off and WHAM! And because it was Mob, we joined. I was wolloped a few times, and I was knocked to the floor a few others. Everyone was quick to help people up, though. So that was nice – less worry of general bodily trampling. Instead, my feet in my little pretty shoes were smashed and covered with a sticky film of dirt mixed with the spilled beer. Ah well, the adreniline was running so high among us that I really didn’t care.

A statement of one of my companions could not have been more true: “I think I have more beer spilled onto me than I could ever afford.”

We, our portion of Mob, emerged soaked with sweat and beer. No bloodshed, thankfully. The evening was absolutely awesome! I’m so glad to see that the band actually does have a physical following and not just a MySpace posse. Next time I see them, I will wear my kick-arse shoes.

I really should do some work now, though.

Edit a video from the evening has been posted on youtube:


One Response to “intermission for lack of sense: St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Christopher J said

    Saw Enter the Haggis this past Friday. the played for a long time. We see them always. They rule.
    Anyway I have no idea what i am typing but i sleep now as i thizzzzzzzzzzzzz

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